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Gathering of World Class VCs and Web3 Teams— First Batch of 16 Selected Projects for Web3.0 Demo Day Revealed

Gathering of World Class VCs and Web3 Teams— First Batch of 16 Selected Projects for Web3.0 Demo Day Revealed

Co-hosted by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs and HashKey Group, and organised by W3ME, the Hong Kong Web3 Festival 2023 will take place from April 12 to 15.

HONG KONG, March 26, 2023—The “Web3.0 Demo Day,” a highlight event of the Hong Kong Web3 Festival 2023, will take place on April 14-15 at sub-stage 1, supported by Cyberport and jointly organised by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs and HashKey Group. As one of the key events of the festival, the Web3.0 Demo Day will focus on the Web3 application ecosystem, recruiting promising Web3.0 projects from around the world and showcasing the latest developments in the Web3 application field. Providing technical support for the Web3.0 Demo Day are ETHVC and MetaWeb Ventures.

After a rigorous selection process, the organisers have confirmed the first batch of participating Web3 projects, including:

(Listed in alphabetical order)

0xScope, BCDEx, BlockSec, Chatpuppy, Coinsdo, Createra, dappOS, DeSchool, Gameland, Mail3, Opside, Pawnfi, Pluto Studio, Portkey, Voty, and xBank.

The selected projects cover multiple Web3 technology fields, such as Web3 infrastructure, DeFi, social media, gaming, and public chains. Click on to obtain a free ticket for the Demo Day on April 14-15 and an opportunity to communicate face-to-face with top VCs and excellent Web3 teams.

First Batch of Selected Outstanding Web3 Projects as follows:

(Listed in alphabetical order)


0xScope is the first knowledge graph data layer protocol that provides semantic knowledge data to the Web3 world. This data type exponentially enhances the efficiency and capability of data analysis. With its original address aggregation algorithm, 0xScope solves the challenge of identifying real on-chain data and one-sided user profile problems. Currently, 0xScope has launched related data analysis products – Watchers and To-Business marketing and risk control data analysis products, serving nearly a hundred customers, including top exchanges and project parties.


BCDEx is an innovative cross-chain exchange network that uses the HTLC script of Bitcoin and Lightning Network to build a C2C trading protocol using smart contracts. This enables users to complete asset exchanges in a decentralised and non-custodial environment, such as BTC and ETH. BCDEx not only supports fully decentralised on-chain exchanges but also provides payment channels for cross-chain paths and automatic exchange. The traded content includes homogeneous tokens (FT), non-homogeneous tokens (NFT), and Inscription assets issued by the Ordinals protocol, realising multi-chain asset interoperability and value conversion.


BlockSec is a global leading blockchain security company that provides code security audits, attack prevention, anti-money laundering services for digital assets, and a one-stop developer tool kit, dedicated to building blockchain security infrastructure. They have successfully prevented multiple hacker attacks against blockchain project parties, helping project parties to recover over $14 million in digital assets. Since its establishment, it has been recognised by more than 100 projects, including MetaMask, Compound, PancakeSwap, and Alpaca, and has received support from several top-tier investment institutions, such as Dfinity, Matrix Partners, and Oasis. BlockSec’s products: developer toolkits Phalcon, blockchain browser enhancement plugin MetaDock, and capital flow visualisation tool MetaSleuth are widely used in the community.


Chatpuppy is a Web3 encrypted chat dApp based on wallet-to-wallet communication, providing users with a more secure and private way to protect their assets and personal data, supporting end-to-end encryption. Chatpuppy supports users to join and create communities using popular NFTs as ecological social passes. Chatpuppy connects high-quality content creators, merchants, and users, using social graph logic to design user interaction and respond to user requests. Built on decentralised social protocols, Chatpuppy will become the Web3 social entrance.


CoinsDo is a non-custodian digital asset management solution provider. CoinsDo has launched the CoinWallet decentralised wallet, which allows anyone to securely create private key shards and manage the allocation process in just 3 minutes. Additionally, CoinsDo offers enterprise-oriented tools such as CoinGet, CoinSend, CoinSign, and CoinFace, which can be flexibly combined based on business needs to help companies quickly, inexpensively, and securely access Web3.0.


Createra is a UGC game engine and platform that empowers millions of creators to build and share games that entertain and inspire players everywhere. It has an active community of over 600K game builders and over 1M MAU. Createra has recently closed a 10M dollars serious A led by a16z. Its self-developed web game engine, utilising Web3 and AI technologies, provides game creators and players instant access to all games and creator tools and supports a wide range of gaming, social, and commerce applications. Createra aims to break down the barriers of game creation by providing creators with the best tools to create, distribute, and commercialise their games, as well as to build a vibrant Web3 creator economy that supports creators’ growth and success.


dappOS is a Web3 operating protocol designed to make dApps user-friendly like mobile applications. As the first Web3 unified operating protocol, it creates a layer between users and encrypted infrastructure such as public chains and cross-chain bridges, enabling users to easily interact with dappOS and complete verification and execution in a decentralised world. dappOS launched a pilot version on September 15, 2022, and currently supports OP/BNB/ETH/AVAX. It was also selected for the fifth phase of the Binance Labs incubation program in November 2022.


DeSchool is a Web3 native education platform that is building Web3 education infrastructure by integrating and integrating social, distribution, security protocols, as well as X2E, on-chain certificates, and automatic revenue distribution smart contracts. DeSchool is fully integrated with AIGC and is reshaping the cyber education system.In February 2023, the DeSchool team created Booth, a cross-chain talent social platform based on their understanding of aggregated technology trends and deep understanding of Web3 vertical scene social. Booth currently supports uploads and placements based on Polygon, Lens Protocol, and BSC’s on-chain experience proof, as well as aggregation display, and will create talent-based social protocols based on creator economies, Web3 talent markets, and other specific scenes in the future.


Gameland provides gamers with a decentralised game social open platform to discover high-quality games and help game developers gather players and users. The pipeline + vertical community model can provide players with a one-stop high-quality experience for game communities. It also builds a bridge for developers to connect with high-quality feedback from players, solving the research and development pain points of developers who find it difficult to obtain high-quality feedback from players. Through an open social graph, users can easily manage their social network data and return ownership of social data to users.


Mail3, the Eth Global Hack Winner and the Ethereum community Gitcoin Round 14 & 15, has over 40 Web3 projects, 300,000 users, 200,000 subscribed users, and 140,000 DID users publishing and subscribing to content through Mail3. This year, Mail3 hopes to help creators establish on-chain creator communities and achieve a positive feedback loop for content monetisation through paid communities. For creators, Mail3 aims to help them establish low-threshold on-chain creator communities and achieve more composability through the DID identity of on-chain creator communities. It also aims to attract more Web2 content platform Web3 creators and their subscribers to enter Web3 through the unique cold start mode of Web3, expanding the user base of creators.


Opside is a three-layer application platform that uses PoS & PoW hybrid consensus and provides ZK-RaaS (zkRollups as a service) services. The Opside team has long been committed to ZK-related technology research and hopes to co-create the future of ZK with everyone.


Pawnfi is a comprehensive NFT financial system that caters to the diverse needs of the NFT community. Pawnfi provides convenient trading, lending, and earning services for all types of NFT market participants. In today’s NFT market, there is a lack of liquidity, making it difficult to balance ownership, efficiency, and compatibility. With its comprehensive solution, Pawnfi enables NFTs to circulate in the liquidity market like ERC-20 tokens, showcasing a competitive advantage. Pawnfi’s innovative mechanism ensures the safe circulation of NFTs in the Pawnfi protocol and DeFi ecosystem. Pawnfi is committed to creating a true NFT secondary market, extending financial attributes to all types of users. Compared to existing NFT financial platforms that only serve a limited number of users, resulting in market bottlenecks, Pawnfi enables more users to participate, improving the overall coverage and value of the NFT market.

Pluto Studio

Pluto Studio has over 230 million mobile game users worldwide, and we are currently licensing more Web2 game products and teams to join Web3game. In 2022, Pluto Studio successfully launched its first GameFi product, “Tap Fantasy.” As of the end of October 2022, Tap Fantasy has over 500,000 users worldwide. In addition, “Tap Fantasy” ranks in the top five on the BNB Chain and ranks first on DappRadar. Previously, the core members participated in the DeFi project Booster, which reached 25 billion TVL on the first day! iSwap is also a top five cross-chain exchange in the world. Pluto Studio’s mission: “Our goal is to ensure that every player has encrypted assets. By 2023, the number of global players will exceed 3 billion. Games have the potential to become one of the most important use cases with over 1 billion users in the encrypted asset ecosystem.”


Portkey is a smart contract wallet that enables Web2 users and developers to quickly enter Web3, including decentralised identity solutions. Users can log in to Portkey through their Web2 social accounts without the hassle of remembering mnemonic phrases. Portkey uses social recovery methods and decentralised verifiers to ensure that user funds are not controlled by centralisation and are difficult to steal. The cost of using Portkey is close to zero. Portkey supports users in using fiat money to purchase crypto without barriers, and supports the storage and management of various digital assets such as NFTs. Compatible with multiple chains and seamlessly linked to various dApps, Portkey is the best way for users to open the door to Web3. Portkey is invested by aelf and is currently running smoothly on aelf’s testnet.


Voty is a decentralised voting protocol based on DID. It aims to provide a more fair and user-friendly governance system for any type of community. Unlike token-based voting systems, Voty proposes the concept of “DID-based Governance,” which is committed to explaining the valuable voices of all community members, not just the voices of a few centralised individuals.


xBank is a Web3 native consumer finance platform that uses casual games as a social contagion tool, supporting “buy now, pay later” for native assets through the financial advantages of Web3, thereby reducing the conversion threshold for new participants. In addition, users can obtain trading profits in advance through “Collateral Listing” and upgrade their consumption through functions such as “Cross-Margin.” The core team members of xBank are blockchain enthusiasts with more than 5 years of professional experience, who have participated in building the most popular crypto and consumer finance products, including Huobi, xCurrency, and Lexin. Since 2021, xBank has been committed to becoming a RetailWeb3 Builder and serving nearly 200,000 platform users.

For more information on keynote speakers and attending events, please follow the official Twitter account of the Hong Kong Web3 Festival to stay up to date with the latest updates.

Contact the Organiser: [email protected]

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About the Web3 Festival

The inaugural Hong Kong Web3 Festival (12–15 April) is a digital asset-focused conference co-hosted by the HashKey Group and Wanxiang Blockchain Labs and organised by W3ME at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The event will draw more than 10,000 offline attendees and will also feature over 100 crypto projects as exhibitors and 300 distinguished industry leaders, venture capitalists and senior executives from finance institutions as speakers. The Hong Kong Web3 Festival 2023 will be held in sync with the Hong Kong International Innovation and Technology Exhibition (InnoEX), organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC). Together, this series of events are branded as the Business Week of Innovation and Technology (BitWeek) hosted by HKTDC.

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About Wanxiang Blockchain Labs

Funded by China Wanxiang Holdings in Sep.2015, Wanxiang Blockchain Labs is a non-profit research institution with Vitalik Buterin, Founder of Ethereum as its Chief Scientist. Aiming to accelerate socioeconomic development with blockchain technologies, Wanxiang Blockchain Labs has been gathering global experts together to research such topics as blockchain technology R&D, commercial application, industrial strategies, etc. and providing practical instructions for startups and useful references for policy makers.

About HashKey GroupHashKey Group is an end-to-end digital asset financial services group in Asia. The Group provides a complete ecosystem across the entire digital asset landscape, ranging from trading, custody, venture investment, technologies to Web3 infrastructure. HashKey’s senior team has decades of investment and trading experience and deep market insights gained from tier-one banks, regulators and FinTech ventures. By bringing together the most advanced blockchain research and development and technologies, HashKey identifies potential opportunities and delivers end-to-end solutions that operate within regulatory frameworks with the highest compliance standards. The Group has operations in Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan, and extensive partnerships with FinTech and blockchain solutions providers, academic institutions and associations.

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